Annexus - Maximising Business Performance

Maximising Individual Potential

Do your employees need invigorating to boost morale?

After numerous redundancies it’s becoming ever important to preserve the integrity of the remaining workforce.

Take your staff from good to great and recharge them with a positive mindset with our high-end self development and growth workshop - Raising Aspirations.

Increase the emotional resourcefulness of a group of up to 100 using proven world class tools.

Workshops can vary in length according to client’s needs from 2 hours to a full day.

Responses from two participants:

"Raising Aspirations was truly that. Without doubt it is the best course I have ever been on."

"I left feeling inspired and was really able to move my life to the next gear."

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Optimising Business Performance

Want to increase your company’s productivity by between 11 and 35%?

Discover your team’s learning styles allowing them to communicate and work together more productively.

Improve workflow through understanding individual members strengths within the teams dynamics using tried and tested tools and techniques.

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Consultation Sessions

Is your organisation going through change, growing in size or has it simply stagnated?

Having an objective viewpoint during these times is extremely useful if companies want to maintain sustainability into the future.

Annexus consultants implement programmes tailored to the client which facilitate change and inject fresh ideas and processes using leading edge and elegant tools to ensure maximum output for their investment.

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Improve Your Time Management

increasing your

Download 5 workflow tools to start improving your productivity today.




Annexus is a resource for increasing productivity whether personally or professionally within organisations.

We pride ourselves in delivering tools and training which inspire people to increase productivity right from first contact.

Portfolio includes

  • EDF Energy
  • Museum Leaders Programme - UEA
  • South & West Yorkshire Police
  • Penistone Dental Care
  • Duncan Noice Chartered Accountants
  • North East Lincs County Council


Rob Rob P Brown Author, trainer, consultant and coach
Paul Paul Walsh Trainer, consultant and coach